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- Luisa

300…do I hear 301? How about 302?

You can bet you’ll read #301, 302 and many more blog posts here on This week we at reached a milestone — Teen Travel Team member Justine Appel posted the blog’s 300th article since the blog’s inception 460 days ago.

“The bloggers behind have a lot to be proud of,” said Luisa Frey, creator and editor of Just this week, we reached the coveted first page ranking on Google searches for ‘teen travel reviews’ and ‘teen travel forums’. This time last year we were on page 25 of Google search rankings!”

For all you newcomers who don’t know, is written by teens for their peers and parents. The blog’s goal is to bring parents and their children together through shared travel experiences. TTT’ers give the skinny on what’s good in the travel world so that our readers — teenagers and their parents — can make better, joint decisions about where to take their next family vacation. That way everyone’s happy.

Here’s to all the dedicated Teen Travel Team members who’ve made such a success! The founding members of TTT are especially to be saluted since they had the vision to believe in the dream of an active travel blog written solely by teens.

Happy trails!

Luisa Frey

Creator and editor of




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