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Beaches of St. Lucia

- Hye Sung

It has been about two months since I have gotten back from St. Lucia and I say with much shame that I am finally getting to tell you about my trip. My absence from Teen Travel Talk does not mean that I do not love you but it is simply because school requires a lot more work than I thought it would. I believed senioritis was a year-long thing and this deception has kept me from writing this post. Enough of my excuses: I am sorry, readers. As I said in my last post, which was a quick update from St. Lucia, I have a lot to say. And what do I have a lot to say about? The beaches.

(I had a good evening swim)

The island of St. Lucia is incredibly tiny with it’s 238 square miles of land. I experienced driving through the top of the island to the bottom and it takes a little over an hour. If the landscape wasn’t mountainous, the drive would have been much shorter. One great thing about this island is that there is always a beautiful beach in the distance. I was in Anse-la-Raye, a fishing village, for the majority of my stay and made time to go the beach every day. The water was the typical and delightful Caribbean temperature. I was surprised by how clear the water is, especially after spending a few days down the Jersey Shore before I left.

During my stay at a retreat center in the Castries area, my friend brought me to another local beach that was enjoyable. It was small and was right next to a hotel where foreigners on holiday indulged in snorkeling and diving. Though their beach was beautiful, we were not allowed on it because we were not checked in at their hotel. The thing is, their side was not any better. A bit cleaner and less rocky, but the water remained wonderful and the beach was beautiful all around. While I was in Anse-la-Raye, a friendly local who knew the the guys I was on the mission project with, gave us a sweet ride on his boat (similar to this). We got to see Marigot Bay, a luxurious bay filled with yachts and condos, and I felt a bit uneasy. Why?

My experience at the beach next to the hotel and seeing Marigot Bay helped me realized that the beauty of St. Lucia was not in the luxurious condos, the fun snorkeling sessions, or in the markets filled with pseudo-Rasta paraphernalia. The beauty of St. Lucia was in the man who offered a free boat ride, the locals who showed me the beautiful local beaches, and those who showed me what genuine St. Lucian cuisine and culture was. The beauty was in the St. Lucians. And somehow their beaches are almost as beautiful.




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