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Lamar Valley Wolf Week at Yellowstone

- Justine

When I visited Yellowstone National Park with my family a few summers ago, my absolute favorite part of the park was getting to see all the wildlife up close. I became particularly fond of bison, especially after a pair of them walked right past our car and held up traffic. We also sighted a lot of majestic-looking elk, super speedy pronghorn, and swooping eagles.

One Yellowstone native that I didn’t get to see, however, was the gray wolf. Gray wolves were actually reintroduced to the park in 1995, after disappearing in the 1920′s because of organized “predator elimination.” To celebrate fifteen years of wolves successfully thriving once again in the Lamar Valley region of Yellowstone, the Yellowstone Association Institute (YAI) is offering the “Lamar Valley Wolf Week” program this December and later on in March.

The program includes meals, early-morning treks to observe the wolfs in their natural habitat, snow shoe excursions, lectures by guest speakers, and evenings of relaxation and listening to the wolves howl. It is only offered during specific weeks, so check out the website to get more information and make a reservation. If you’ve only ever gone to the zoo, you’re missing out on what it’s really like to see wild animals in their element.




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