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Oh Mi God – it’s time for a show!

- Caroline

With the fall school work dragging down my style, a friend and I decided to escape to the theater where we watched Elle Woods overcome struggles at Harvard Law in “Legally Blonde the Musical.”   The show was playing for one weekend only at The Palace Theater at PlayHouseSquare in Cleveland, Ohio.

If you are (like me) a fan of drama, this show is the perfect bubbly treat.  Elle Woods, played by Nikki Bohne, lit up the stage, as the blonde sorority girl of Delta Nu who goes to Harvard Law to follow a boy she wants to marry. Along the way she turns her motivation towards getting a law degree rather than chasing after a boy, a positive message for girls if you ask me!  :)

Pink, being Elle’s signature color, pours throughout the stage from the wardrobe to the set.  The musical follows the movie Legally Blonde closely, adding in songs that make you want to dance and sing along like “Omigodyouguys,” “Positive,” and “Bend and Snap.”  (I would recommend going on YouTube and searching those songs to hear them for yourself.)

The cutest part of the show was the little dog Bruiser – a real dog that they had on stage.  By the end of the show (I don’t want to give anything away) I wanted to become a lawyer and felt that I could do anything if I had a “chip on my shoulder” just like Elle and Emmett Forrest, the older law student.

Elle Woods and the rest of the Delta Nu girls were the perfect escape from my school work.  I bought the soundtrack and have been listening to the songs every morning since – I can’t get enough! Can’t wait to check out PlayHouseSquare to see what other shows are coming up.

Here’s a link to find where else Legally Blonde The Musical is playing — hopefully near you!




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