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- Tyler

Last month, my dad was invited to speak at the Travel and Adventure Expo in Secaucus, New Jersey, and I went along to check it out. At the show they had a variety of exhibitors, including different travel companies and destinations from all over the world. They also had presentations from different travel experts, including my dad, who talked about the benefits of family travel (using stories of our trip around the world as examples).

As I walked around the convention center I looked through the different stands and saw a few places I’d really like to visit someday such as Argentina, because it has a lot of variety, such as glaciers, rain forests and cool beaches. All the booths had a lot to offer such as information and brochures, but to attract more attention, they offered free food, candy and other stuff. For example, a booth from South America had “worry dolls” which are little figures (no more than a centimeter tall) that you would put under your pillow if you had a particular worry. I also got a beach ball from Miami, a rocket ship pen from the Space Coast, and a Mickey Mouse pin from Disney (and that’s just in Florida alone)! The best freebie came from Taiwan, where they had a master paper cutter who cut out my profile just by looking at me. He also did animals and different little things out of paper, like a rhinos and skeletons (for Halloween).

At my dad’s presentation, I also saw our friend Charles, who biked 2,500 miles across Japan with his 8 year-old son! Luisa, who runs TTT, was also there. The company, Blue Water Divers, who I certified to scuba dive with also had a stand there — right by the giant scuba pool they set up for people to dive in. There was also a rock climbing wall, and a music stage for international bands to play music on. After cruising around for a couple of hours, we left to go home from our day at the adventure and travel exposition, having picked out a few travel destinations and seeing some old friends.




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