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Fall Foliage à la Appalachian

- Justine

If you’re an autumn fanatic like I am, you just can’t get enough of the season’s crisp air and orange and yellow leaves. And if you prefer a little exercise and natural excursions to idle observation, you would love hiking on the Appalachian Trail this time of year! A couple weeks ago, I hiked three miles of it in western Massachusetts with my mom, dad, and uncle. The trail’s sights can speak for themselves:

The sign welcoming us onto the famous trail, which is 2,179 miles long and stretches from Georgia to Maine.

The very first part we hiked went over the highway twice!

The white markers let you know you haven’t strayed from the path.

Read other hikers’ stories and comments, and leave your own!

Though it’s important to watch your footing, make sure you look up every once in a while, or you’ll miss the scenery!

The view from where we stopped to eat lunch. Some people were canoeing on the pond.

My mom and I on the trail. I hope I’ll get to hike other parts of the Appalachian trail soon.




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