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Wait… is this a different dimension?

- Ginny

Imagine standing in a forest.

Let me modify the image you have in  your head. I’m not talking about the type of forest with trees that reach toward the sky and layers of undergrowth. Rather, I am visualizing one where the pines and oaks are shorter than you and you are able to see all the way to the horizon. Wouldn’t you feel like you were in another world?

In a certain area of the Pinelands in Southern New Jersey, that’s exactly what I felt like. Right here in New Jersey!


The “pygmy pine” forest is a phenomenon pretty unique to southern New Jersey. There are many theories about why the trees are so short, but the one that is probably the most accurate has to do with the relatively frequent forest fires that occur in the area since the Pitch Pines need extreme heat for their cones to open and their seeds to spread. The pygmy forest is located in pretty much the center of the Pinelands, so fires cross over this area most often. Therefore, the trees in this area have adapted to spend most of their energy building their root  systems and developing their cones rather than growing taller.

When I visited this “dwarfed forest” I was amazed. It’s so cool that such a unique area of wildlife is found right in New Jersey, the most densely populated state in the U.S.! You really should check it out. For more information go to:




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