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A Human-Sized Hamster Hotel, and Other Bizarre Lodging

- Justine’s David Farley recently wrote a piece about the world’s strangest hotels, from glass igloos in Finland to wigwams in California. Hotels are no longer just places to stay while on vacation… in these unique cases, your hotel becomes your vacation. Check out some of these abnormal accommodations:

La Villa Hamster
Nantes, France

If you happen to be staying in western France, why not sojourn in style? Book yourself a room in a hotel designed by local artists to resemble and function like a series of hamster cages instead of rooms. Cage-like walls, giant cereal dispensers, and oversized hamster wheels give visitors an authentic hamster experience. La Villa Hamster offers you a crazy, comfortable, and memorable experience.

Palacio de Sal

If you have a salt tooth and low blood pressure, check out (or rather, check into!) this hotel composed entirely of salt. The Salt Palace is located on the salt flats of Bolivia, and its guests can sleep, eat, and lounge on pure-salt surfaces. Dining, swimming, and playing pool are just some of the activities offered at this saline sanctuary.

Free Spirit Spheres
Vancouver Island, Canada

Who said that adults can’t enjoy treehouses? This hotel’s rooms are wood and fiberglass pods that hang 15 feet in the air and are only accessible by staircases in the trees. Pods are equipped with heating, electricity, and complementary snacks. The only downside would be that the bathrooms are compost outhouses down on the ground… but hey, at least they’re eco-friendly!

Jumbo Stay
Stockholm, Sweden

Forget red-eye flights, how about an onboard café and a bed in the cockpit? Arlanda Airport’s retired Boeing 747 has been converted into a grand hotel, with 27 rooms and a cockpit suite. All of the fun of being on a plane with 0% chance of crashing: what could be better?




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