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Top of the Rock

- Cathleen

One of the most amazing things about New York City would be all the sky scrappers. They fill the city making all the people look so small. Although the sights of the big buildings look pretty from the ground level, seeing them 850 feet up is even better. Rockefeller Center is one in particular that guests are allowed to take the 850 feet journey up to check out the awesome views. When you first walk in on ground level you stand before the most gorgeous chandelier. It gives the building such elegance and class. Then, you will enter the elevator for the ride of your life. As you start heading up the ceiling of the elevator becomes transparent and you can see the cables as you fly higher and higher up. Some lights and music is even playing for a terrific effect. Next, when you finally make it to the top you are left breathless from the gorgeous views. You are able to walk all the way around on a deck. You can view the sights from inside or out.

This 70 story structure is a great way to view the whole city. At night time you can see all the lights of the city shine bright, it’s like nothing you’ve even seen before! During the day time it’s a beautiful sight as well, you can see all the buildings throughout the city.

Being on top of the rock is like being on a cloud, you feel so high up it’s an amazing feeling. If you’re ever in New York and really want to get a good view of the city, viewing it from on top of the rock is a great way to do so.

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