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Living history in Williamsburg, Virginia

- Ginny

“That the future may learn from the past” is part of the mission of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

If you plan to travel to Williamsburg, definitely expect more than a normal vacation… the whole town is a living museum.

If you want to set your itinerary, the town offers a 30-minutes orientation walk, included in the admission fee, where visitors “get an overview of the 18th century community and learn about the restoration of Williamsburg”.

All around the town are ‘historical interpreters’ doing the various jobs that were needed to make the town run in the 18th century. Locations like the Great Hopes Plantation show farmers and carpenters at work. There are also blacksmiths, tailors, and more. All of these interpreters are interactive and speak with visitors.

Colonial Williamsburg’s museum is currently hosting an exhibit called “Historic Threads: Three centuries of clothing”, which would be cool to check out.

The Colonial Williamsburg candlelight tour seems really fun, and is led basically every night. In it, “a guide will lead you through the streets of Colonial Williamsburg by candlelight while sharing eerie and fun folklore of this very old city” —

Something to keep in mind is that the buildings close usually around 4:30 or 5, which can be kind of early when you get wrapped up in the fun.

I visited Williamsburg while on the same day I went on a tour of The College of William and Mary, located right in the town . The campus is jam-packed with history, not to mention it’s a great school. So, for all those who are going on college visits — you and your family can get a two-in-one deal if you visit Historical Williamsburg!

The site of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation holds some great information about visits and general history–

For more great Virginia adventures check out Virginia is for lovers.. of the outdoors!




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