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Disney on Ice

- Cathleen

Cleveland, Ohio is like a step down from New York. I would say it’s just a milder version of the big apple. It has the same big city feeling, without all the traffic. There are still things to do in downtown Cleveland such as seeing a basketball game at the “Q”. The “Q” is the area where the Cleveland Cavaliers play, but it can also be used for other purposes such as concerts, or the circus. But my personal favorite event that the “Q” has hosted was Disney on Ice.

Disney on Ice takes you through the magical journey of Buzz, Woody, and the whole toy story gang. The main story plot comes from Toy Story 3 the movie. These talented ice skaters do amazing tricks and flips. And the characters Barbie and Ken have an amazing couples skate together to make the show a true work of art.

Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3 will be playing from Tampa, FL all the way to Chicago, IL. Tickets are on sale now so you better purchase them while you can! If you enjoy ice skating and Disney then this will be the perfect show for you.




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