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Keukenhof, the World’s Ultimate Garden

- Justine

There are 27 days, 12 hours, and 16 minutes until spring–not that anyone’s counting. If you’re looking for the best way to celebrate, how about visiting the world’s largest bulb flower garden? Keukenhof, in Lisse, Netherlands, has 32 hectares of flowers and is the most photographed place in the world. Each year, the organization features a different theme country. Our own country, and New York City specifically, were featured in 2009. This year, the theme is “Germany: Land of Poets and Philosophers.”

Holland has strong ties with this neighbor, which provides most of Keukenhof’s foreign visitors and is an important trading partner. A spectacular flower bulb mosaic of Berlin’s famed Brandenburg Gate will likely be the most popular attraction, but the park will also feature exhibitions of German-Dutch history. As if this place didn’t carry enough superlatives already, it also happens to be the largest sculpture park in the Netherlands, with over 9 miles of footpaths to explore.

The Keukenhof Gardens will be open to the public from March 24 to May 20, and the entrance fee is approximately $20 for adults and $9 for children. It’s very accessible, and the website offers great directions. With guided tours, children’s activities, and millions of vivid and sweet-smelling flowers, this is an essential European spring experience.




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