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Top 5 Theme Parks around the World

- Caroline

Guest post blog by Charlotte McCulloch of

Theme parks are one of the guaranteed ways to have a fun day out, whether the adrenaline inducing fast roller coasters are for you or if the shows and less high speed attractions are more your thing. Here is a roundup of top 5 theme parks around the world.

Walt Disney World Florida  

No list of the top theme parks would be complete without mentioning Walt Disney World, Florida. A visit to the parks four theme parks, water parks, themed shopping and entertainment areas and golf and spa resorts are an entire holiday in their own right. Disney brings to life all we can imagine and far more, including the characters we have all grown up with. Rides and attractions use cutting edge  technology and shows are so magical they will leave everyone entertained. Nowhere else in the world can you find 47 square miles of fun in the heat of the Florida sun which provides such an enchanting escape from reality!

Coney Island New York 

Historic Coney Island is a must for visitors to New York. The old school charm of the USA’s oldest theme park is an attraction in its own right as much as any others in Manhattan. For the thrill seekers out there a ride on the famous Cyclone is for you, with six turns and nine drops the rollercoaster has been wowing riders for over 80 years. It is even reported that Emilio Franco, a mute since birth, uttered his first words, “I feel sick!” after experiencing the Cyclone for the first time! Along with the rides, Coney Island is home to New York’s only aquarium, a circus, an ice rink from October to March, and its very own beach and boardwalk. If you’re feeling a little hungry after all these activities and if your stomach is strong enough, head to “Nathans” the restaurant famous for its delicious hot dogs and fries and a perfect place to hang out with friends after a busy day.

Park Asterix, Paris 

If you’re visiting Paris and have enjoyed the magnificent sights of the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysees and The Louvre and feel like some theme park thrills head to Park Asterix in Plailly around 40 minutes from the centre of Paris. The character Asterix is straight out of the famous European cartoon strip of the same name and the park offers a fun filled day out. The main attractions at the park are its two particularly terrifying roller coasters:  “Tonnerre de Zeus” is a wooden rollercoaster that turns its riders upside down and around several double loops. If going upside down is something that makes a rollercoaster good for you, then try “Goudurix” which flips its riders a total of seven times!

Port Aventura Park

Port Aventure Park, situated in the sunny climes of Costa Dorada in Northern Spain, provides its guests with an adrenaline fuelled alternative to sun bathing by the pool. The resort is made of different areas based upon countries around the globe, including Mexico, China, Polynesia and The Far West all with themed rides and restaurants. The park is home to a vast array of rides, including: the Dragon Khan, an intense eight loop rollercoaster; and the Tutuki Splash, a giant log flume sure to get you a little wet! Every night the park hosts a firework display regarded as one of the best and most impressive in the world. And if you get a little too hot you can cool off in the nearby Caribe Aquatic Park, a water park hosting jaw dropping slides and wave machines.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach 

Blackpool will always be associated with the British Seaside Holiday. Blackpool Pleasure Beach continues to draw in the crowds making this as excellent place to visit if in the North of England. The ride “Valhalla” launches its riders in complete darkness around the world’s largest indoor rollercoaster track and the Pleasure Beach is also home to the world famous Pepsi Max Big One. At a towering height of 235ft, it is one of Europe’s tallest rollercoaster’s which is sure to leave you screaming in delight. The Pleasure Beach also prides itself on the excellent shows it has on offer: Hot Ice is an enchanting ice show running through July 2011. For those of you who fancy yourselves as the next big thing, Big One Talent showcases the very best young talent to Blackpool’s audiences through August, 2011.

Charlotte writes for new travel site where you can find inspirational travel guides and expert advice from New York hotels to hotels in Paris.




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