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iDo an interview with iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy!

- Lindsay

Hey, traveling iCarly fans! Ever wonder what Sam’s portrayer (Jennette McCurdy) does for fun? Or where she travels? Or what it’s like on the iCarly set? Well, I recently got to interview the awesome Jennette McCurdy aboard the Norwegian Jewel on the Nickelodeon All Access cruise, so I can answer all your questions here.

When asked about her traveling experiences with Nickelodeon, Jennette responded that this was her third Nick cruise, but her first with NCL; the other two had been with Royal Caribbean. She has also been to Canada to film her newest movie with Jerry Trainor, Best Player. This Nick movie premieres this Saturday, March 12. All of us aboard the Nick All Access cruise got to preview Best Player during our February cruise – I promise you that you’ll enjoy watching it on Nickelodeon!

Being an almost-New Yorker myself, I was pleased to find out that Jennette recently visited the Big Apple, stopping at famous places such as Dylan’s Candy Bar, F.A.O. Schwartz, the Plaza Hotel, Metropolitan Museum, and the Museum of Natural History. She noted that she is fascinated by museums in general.

Of course, similar to TeenTravelTalk’s overall message, Jennette believes that travel is a great way for teens and parents to connect with each other, mostly because stress and tension that is usually present at home is usually gone when you’re traveling together as a family.

On a different subject, when asked about how she is or isn’t like her iCarly character Sam, Jennette said that she believes that “you always have to have a bit of your character in yourself and that can be expanded upon. I have older brothers so I have the tough aspect of Sam…..but I don’t push people into lockers (although sometimes I REALLY want to!). I’ve never been to juvie….I don’t eat as much as her because I don’t think I could consume that much without puking every day! I have a little more restraint than Sam. Oh, and my mom’s awesome!”

However, being a teen star isn’t all fun and games. According to Jennette, it feels like on weekdays she’s always working! Whether it’s makeup, hair, wardrobe, or shooting, days are sometimes endless! Although, when she does manage to find a few minutes to herself, she enjoys reading and learning about crew members’ various jobs and tasks on set. On weekends, she enjoys figure skating because “it clears my head. I am also the biggest movie fan. I love going to movie theaters. I love the smell of the old carpets and cheap popcorn. I also love amusement parks and roller coasters.” She especially loves the Mall of America for its indoor roller coasters.

Speaking of which, throughout March Jennette will be trekking the U.S.A. on a cross-country mall tour. (Heaven, right girls?) For details on where you can see her go to:

I also asked her about any other Nick stars that’s she’s close with and they include: Nathan Kress, Ciara Bravo of Big Time Rush (also stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Ciara!), and most of the cast of Victorious.

However, some of these stars may not be as lucky as Jennette is when it comes to age placement of their characters. Jennette believes that “When iCarly is over we’ll all be aged out the same way (as we are in real life). The writers have matured us in a good, honest way. The producer always asks us what’s going on in our daily lives because he wants to keep it true to real life. I hope to keep acting and continue on working on music and recording.”

Although I understand what Jennette is saying here, I still hope for iCarly to have a long life!

Jennette was really very energetic and fun yet inspiring. Her final words were those of advice to us teens:

“Live by the quotes of people who’ve done greater things than you can ever imagine. I’m obsessed with them and I find such solitude by reading them. It really just helps to read quotes by really anyone…even Dr. Seuss! They put things into words that we can’t formulate and I love it that someone knows what I’m talking about and feeling, even when I don’t.”

With that, our time was up. Stay tuned for more Nick interviews with Ciara Bravo (Katie of Big Time Rush), Tom Kenny (the voice of SpongeBob Square Pants), and Bill Fagerbakke (the voice of Patrick Star, Spongebob’s partner in crime)!

Jennette/ Lindsay/ Luisa
Me with Jennette and Luisa!



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