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- Cathleen

During this cold time of year, all I can think about is summer. To get a feeling for summer even when it’s cold outside, I think the best place to go is Kalahari. Located in Sandusky, OH; Wisconsin Dells, WI; and coming soon to Fredericksburg, VA you will never be bored at these African-themed indoor water parks. From the lobby to the hotel rooms, you feel like you are practically in Africa. It’s a great escape from the real world. All of the rooms have cool designs around the bed and even some rooms have entire walls painted to go along with the African theme.

Once you finally leave the room and get to the water park, there is something to do for everyone! Kalahari has activities such as tube slides, body slides, a lazy river, play areas, and a wave pool. The coolest thing is the indoor surfing. It’s literally an indoor, man-made wave that people can try to surf on or just ride a boogie board on their stomach or knees.

There’s even a slide that launches riders up a hill; it felt more like a roller coaster than a water slide. When guests aren’t splashing in the pools or riding a fun slide they can be doing a number of different things at this resort. Kalahari also includes an arcade, a fitness room, shopping, a mini golf area, and even a relaxing spa.

As you can see, your family will not be bored if you make the trip to any of the Kalahari resorts.




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