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Nickelodeon: Not Just Kid Stuff!

- Lindsay

So your family decides to go on a themed cruise, and WHAT DO THEY CHOOSE?!?! NCL’s NICKELODEON ALL-ACCESS CRUISE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! By now you’re thinking “I’m WAY too mature for this and I’m gonna be TOTALLY bored!” Well, my friends, think again. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll have reuniting with your old SpongeBob or Dora obsession, and discovering how much there is for teenagers to do aboard the Norwegian Jewel.

Your first thought as you grudgingly board the massive Norwegian Jewel is “Okay…let me first find the teen club,” where you are pleasantly surprised. ‘Club Underground’ (modeled after an NYC subway station-graffiti and all!) offers an expansive agenda of activities such as ship-wide scavenger hunts, photo shoots, Rock Band and other Wii games, and viewing performances at the Stardust Theater as a group, not to mention all the friends you’ll meet.

As you begin to secretly believe that you’ll enjoy this vacation, that realization only doubles when you view the Freestyle Daily (agenda of all the activities that the ship has to offer on a daily basis). You see nightly karaoke, rock-paper-scissors tournaments, iCarly and Big Time Rush premieres (hosted by the stars!), Beatles cover bands, a basketball court, a pool with a water slide and hot tub, and the opportunity to “GET SLIMED” as just a few of the many various (and surprisingly entertaining) activities offered onboard. You start to mentally plan a week of shows, games, and “Family Improv”- a combination of the two.

Now, what is this “Family Improv” of which I- a mere, humble mortal- speak? Why, it is a show of sorts where the notorious “Splat Pack,” with much help from the audience calling the shots, performs a series of hilarious playful skits. Not to mention the most you’ll laugh during the entire week!

Although you still manage to act too mature for this childish vacation in front of your parents and little brother, there’s still one indulgence you can’t resist- SPONGEBOB! Yes, with Tom Kenny (the voice of SpongeBob) and Bill Fagerbakke (the voice of Patrick- your parents might recognize him from the TV show Coach), and their band “The High Seas”, you can watch them perform all your SB favorites, including “The Best Day Ever” and “Don’t Be a Jerk: It’s Christmas!”, secretly enjoying the high-pitched soundtrack of your childhood.

With all of this in mind, as you wave goodbye to NYC from the top deck, you take a deep breath, smile to yourself and think “I think I’m gonna have fun this week!”

In front of the NCL Jewel!




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