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Boston Marathon: Springtime in Boston

- Alex

What comes around every year that puts millions of dollars into the Boston economy? The Boston Marathon of course! This year, the famous marathon will take place on April 18th and is expected to bring more than $132 million to the greater Boston area. To New Englanders, this is quite an important event. Schools and companies even take the day off for Patriots Day – which is always the same day as the marathon — and everyone comes out to support the runners. This event draws the largest crowds to Boston year around to support the 26,000 plus runners.

So what is it that appeals to runners in the Boston Marathon? It may be Heartbreak Hill—the frustrating, uphill halfway point of the race—or the ‘Citgo’ sign in Kenmore Square that alerts the runners that their 26-mile endeavor is almost finished. Regardless, this event kicks off the spring season in Boston and brings a much needed pick-me-up from the cold and snowy winters.

If you happen to be in town for the marathon this or any year, here are a couple of things to check out to make your Boston experience memorable.

Explore some of Boston’s unique neighborhoods

  • Cambridge
    • Cambridge is one of my favorite areas in Boston. The combination of intellectuals from schools like Harvard and MIT and the more eccentric types of businesses and people is a thrilling environment to be a part of as a young adult.
    • As far as entertainment in Cambridge, there are multiple museums associated with the colleges in the area. The food and shopping in Cambridge is also unique and fun. Restaurants such as Fire and Ice and Upstairs on the Square are some notables.
  • North End
    • These days, the North End may be getting the “yuppie” stigma, but that also makes it more fun! Traditionally, the North End is the Italian section of Boston. So of course, this is the place to go for fabulous meals and a fun atmosphere.
  • Waterfront area
    • Down in the historic harbor area, there is a lot to do by night and by day. Whenever I visit Boston, I always seem to end up at the Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market area. This shopping complex is equipped with a plethora of food vendors and other shops that never fail to disinterest me.

Check out a college or two…or three

  • While I may be biased because I’ll be heading up there for college next fall myself, Boston is still the best college town in the country. Where else can you go that boasts a quarter of a million college-age students, a culture centered around young people, a rich history, and the lack of “overwhelming-ness” that you may find in a city like New York? In fact, the Boston Marathon goes right by the main entrances to Boston College and Boston University. Students from these universities only have to walk out their front doors to be in the thick of the action on “Comm Ave.” (Commonwealth Avenue) where runners whiz by!
  • Check out this link for a list of some of the colleges in and around Boston

Regardless of what you’re doing in Boston, whether it’s cheering on the runners in the marathon or visiting a college, I can assure you that you will never be bored.

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