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Parks of New Jersey: Princeton Battlefield State Park

- Ginny

A few days ago, I spent the afternoon at the Princeton Battlefield State Park. Princeton, New Jersey has many great aspects — I’d say one of my favorites is the Battlefield. Situated a short distance from town, the 85-acre park is not only a great recreational area but also historically significant. It is the site of the famous Battle of Princeton, a turning point in the Revolutionary war.

Pictured above is the monument honoring the soldiers who fell during the battle. On hot days, my friends and I enjoy sitting in its shade.

On the opposite side of the field is a house that was significant to the fighting — the Clarke House. The owners of the house converted it into a hospital during the battle, and now it is a museum displaying artifacts that were found in the field. It is open Wednesday through Saturday 10 to 12 & 1 to 4, and on Sundays from 2 to 4.

So, would you like to throw around a Frisbee or lay out in the sun? The open space at the battlefield is perfect for that.

Would you like to visit a museum? Cue, the Clarke House!

Would you like to take a walk in the forest? Behind the Clarke House are trails leading into a wooded area.

Here, you can take a virtual tour of the park! Or, on a gorgeous day, visit it yourself.




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