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For Herbivores at Sea

- Lindsay

Vegetarians, rejoice! I’ll bet most of my fellow herbivores out there were worried about your upcoming cruise vacation because you’re afraid that there will be nothing for you to eat, right? Well, fret no longer! Much to my surprise and delight, considering the quantity of meat our society generally consumes on average, every restaurant and dining room on the Norwegian Jewel offered non-meat options, such as vegetable stew, spinach quiche, and Moroccan sweet potato rice cake. Not to mention, every one was delicious!
Have no fear, the restaurants and dining rooms are not the only place to eat meat-free. It’s still more than easy to wander around the buffet, picking at whatever you want. An extremely varied selection of salads, stir-fries, veggie casseroles, and even an Indian section (usually mostly vegetarian dishes) for the more exotic palette are always available.
Bottom line: vegetarians and vegans will never cruise hungry, so you don’t have to worry about what you’ll be able to eat and can focus more on having fun and relaxing!




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