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More Flags, More Fun! Six Flags… Fiesta Texas!

- Emily

One hour from the time that I started writing this, I had just come back from Six Flags Fiesta Texas – THE amusement park of Eastern Texas. There’s only one other one in the state – Six Flags Over Texas, in Dallas. Today I went on a field trip there – I know, my school is awesome – and even though I only stayed a few hours, I rode most of the major rides and explored the entire park.

Today was an Outdoor Classroom day – the park was only open to large groups of students (example: Beck Junior High Theatre) and depending on the preference of the school, kids can participate in an “Outdoor Classroom” activity, where you learn stuff… at Six Flags! I went with my Theatre class – Choir and Band are also going – and they even had a 45-minute activity for us, where we looked behind-the-scenes at the productions they put on at Fiesta Texas.

I didn’t get to stay very long so I can’t give a detailed guide, but here are some tips for if you plan to go to Fiesta Texas:
• Do not throw away your plastic water bottles!!! You will refill them later. Trust me.
• For the Bugs Bunny water ride, you may get merely splashed or completely soaked – both happened to me and my friends.
• Bring an extra t-shirt/shorts to change into if you don’t like being wet after water rides.
• Even if you do not like wooden roller coasters, the Rattler – supposedly the biggest roller coaster in all of Texas – was my favorite ride. Superman may lure you in with its super-hero-ness, but it’s surprisingly short compared to its wooden friend.
• The Scooby Doo Haunted House ride is not worth going on if you’re over the age of five. (It’s a not-as-good version of the laser-shooting Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyworld)
• We didn’t get to use Flash Passes, but I did some research, and if you buy a “unit” pass in increments up to 10, they are cheaper, but a multi-person unit (for example) can only be used with the entire group on one ride at a time – you can’t split up the pass into, say, 1 person and 2 people.

Although I would have wanted to check out some more rides, Fiesta Texas had attractions for all ages and roller-coaster personalities! More info on Fiesta Texas, visit

My friends... after they got soaked on the Bugs Bunny water ride.




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