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A Hogwarts-tastic Display

- Justine

For those of you who are incredibly frustrated with the lateness of your Hogwarts acceptance letter, here’s something you can occupy yourselves with while you wait: visiting Harry Potter: The Exhibition! It’s a fantastic exhibit containing just about every important prop from the first couple of Harry Potter films, and it’s right in Discovery Times Square in New York City.

I went with a big group of friends and even the non-Harry Potter fanatics enjoyed it. You start out by getting sorted into a Hogwarts house, and proceed through the two-floor exhibit that takes about an hour to truly appreciate. The set-up is incredible, with music, film clips, costumes, set pieces, and scores of props that you’ll easily recognize. I got to pull Mandrakes out of pots and hear them scream, sit in Hagrid’s gigantic chair, and shoot Quaffles through Quidditch hoops. My favorite pieces on display were the huge jack-o-lantern from the Boggart scene in the third movie and Hermione’s dress from the Yule Ball (I was contemplating snatching the mannequin and making a mad dash for the exit, but thought better of that plan).

The wonderful thing about the whole Harry Potter phenomenon is that it can appeal to anyone between the ages of 4 and 74. We saw all kinds of people (a few not even from this country) in the exhibit and they all seemed to be having at least as much fun as we were. The gift shop at the end of the exhibit is wonderful, too, because you can buy wands, Marauder’s Maps, replica jewelry, and loads more.

After the exhibit, we had lunch in Bryant Park, which is pretty close by. There’s a carousel there, which we all immediately hopped on, to the surprise of the surrounding toddlers, and some domestic birds that you could hold.

Hanging out in New York City is never dull because there’s literally something to do around every corner. But the next time you visit, I highly recommend Harry Potter: The Exhibition. It’s only there until September 5th, so fly on over there or accio some tickets as soon as you can!




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