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Interview with Nickelodeon’s Ciara Bravo from Big Time Rush

- Lindsay

Me with Chiara!!

As you may know, a couple of months ago I interviewed Jennette McCurdy on the Nickelodeon All-Access cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines and now I have FINALLY written the long awaited interview with Big Time Rush’s Ciara Bravo. So without further ado, HERE IT IS!!!
We first started asking Ciara about the most obvious topic at hand: travel, of course! She said that this is her first cruise with Nick and she was loving activities such as: the pool, Slime Time Live (getting covered in green goop on the sports deck), and watching various shows and performers, including a comedic magician. She is from Kentucky, so she has travelled all around the South and also to Florida and California for filming.

Speaking of filming, Ciara mentions that her yearly schedule consists of spending six months filming in California, followed by six months back home in Kentucky. On a normal work day, she wakes up at 8 a.m., goes to hair, makeup, wardrobe and then it’s off to filming. By law, she must have 3 hours of tutoring per day, which is sometimes carried out in 20 minute blocks, and it takes some getting used to.
On days when she’s not working, Ciara has to do six hours of math and biology tutoring. For fun, she enjoys teaching herself how to play guitar and piano, horseback riding, and learning French.

As for Big Time Rush, Ciara feels that she is similar to her character, Katie, in the way that she loves her family, but is also slightly sarcastic and devious. However, she feels that she is more unlike Katie than like her. Ciara said that overall Katie is an enormously fun character to play.

The story of how Ciara got the opportunity to play this sweet yet wonderfully sassy and adorable little girl is actually quite interesting. When Ciara was only in fourth grade, she signed with an agent in Cincinnati, Ohio, who brought her to the Dallas Talent Expo, which brought her and her mom to California. There, Ciara signed with another agent and had to travel back and forth between California and Kentucky for four years until finally being matched with her current part. To continue this story, Ciara would like to start acting in movies and having guest parts on more dramatic television shows such as CSI in the future.
Of course, I just had to ask: do you know any other stars, Nickelodeon or otherwise? It turns out that Ciara’s list of celebrity acquaintances includes: Justin Bieber, Leon Thomas, Jennette McCurdy, Madison Pettis, and, my personal favorite, Russell Brand.
At the end of the interview, Ciara left us with these words of wisdom: follow your dreams, no matter how crazy they are or what anybody tells you and NEVER GIVE UP!!




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