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Top 11 Family Friendly Boardwalks, Part 1 (#1-5)

- Ginny

This Memorial Day weekend is going to be a hot one! So, why not bring the family down to the beach? And while you’re at it, why not go to a beach that has a boardwalk chock-full of games, rides, and food? Here are some of the U.S.’s best boardwalks for families:

1. Wildwood, New Jersey

Located on the Jersey Shore, this boardwalk is “two miles of smiles.” Aside from the regular food and games of a boardwalk, it has an amusement park called Morey’s Pier and Beachfront Waterpark. And, every memorial day weekend Wildwood hosts an International Kite Festival. So hurry over! The Festival is held from May 27th to May 30th.

International Kite Festival (5/27-5/30)

The Wildwood Sightseer Tram Car transports passengers from one end of the boardwalk to the other

2. Coney Island, New York

One of the country’s oldest boardwalks, this 2.7-mile beach is a popular spot for New Yorkers. Astroland is a 3.1-acre amusement park on Coney Island first built in 1962. It has kiddie rides and adult rides, and rides both new and old!  The “father of the America’s roller-coasters” is located there… it’s called the Cyclone and began running in 1927. It still runs, but don’t worry it’s been renovated over the years. To learn some history about the boardwalk, the Coney Island Museum is open from 12pm to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday, and costs only 99 cents to get in!

3. Santa Cruz Beach, California

Located on the west coast and full of fun is the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It offers rides, laser tag, bowling, and mini golf. And, of course it has an arcade and lots of places for food.

4. Chicago Navy Pier, Illinois

The Chicago Navy Pier is pretty different from the rest of the locations on this list, because it is does not have oceanfront property. Rather, this pier is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and close to downtown Chicago. It offers much of what the others do, only there is no beach for swimming. Visit the link above to check out the events and activities offered at the pier.  Something that would be really cool to check out is the fireworks show offered every Saturday and Wednesday of June, July, and August!

5. Old Orchard Beach Pier & Boardwalk, Maine

Maine is well-known for it’s spectacular beaches — Old Orchard Beach is one of them. It’s pier, built on stilts, is quite small but definitely not lacking in charm. And on the beachfront are many more attractions such as Palace Playland (an arcade), a carousel and Kiddieland for youngsters, and rides such as the Galaxi Coaster or the Gondola Ferris Wheel. For more things to do, visit here!

Want to know of a few more great boardwalks around the U.S.? They can be found in my next post, “Top 11 Family Friendly Boardwalks, Part 2.”




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