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Backyard Vacation

- Caroline

Look at those two cuties having fun in their backyard! A sandbox and a swing set were all that my sister and I needed to entertain us during the long days with no school. Yes, this picture is not recent – I think my sister is actually wearing a bonnet! However, now that we’re both older and the swing set and sandbox are long gone there’s still a number of fun things to do in your own (or a friends) backyard.

  1. Hoop it up. Practice your 3 point shot in your driveway. Challenge someone to “H.O.R.S.E” Or grab a second ball and play “knock out” or “bump”
  2. Eat outside. Invite your friends over for a lunch time picnic. Everyone can bring their own meal, or have a potluck style.  You have to eat anyway and you might as well enjoy the summer sunshine.
  3. Cloud Gaze. It’s the most relaxing and therapeutically hobby (and it’s free).  Lay on your back look up at the sky and watch the clouds past by.  See what they end up looking like as you gaze off into calm relaxation.
  4. Water balloon fight. Grab a bag of water balloons and fill them up with your hose water.  Give every team a bucket and run! Don’t forget to clean up the balloon pieces. Parents are not a fan of a multi-colored driveway covered in rubber balloons. I don’t know why either…
  5. Trampoline, Hammock, & Pools (oh my). These things you might not have all (or any) in your backyard but odds are that you know someone who does.  Find that friend and ride your bike over!
  6. Bonfire. As the day cools off into night, grab some logs and toss them into the bonfire pit.  A circle of friends around the fire is the perfect summer night.  And if you don’t need your science notes anymore and want to really celebrate the end of a school year, toss them in!

Now if your parents kept the swing set up from your childhood, be grateful and swing until you can’t feel your legs! If not, try these other activities that won’t cost you anything. A vacation in your own backyard :)




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