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Top 11 Family Friendly Boardwalks, Part 2 (#6-8)

- Ginny

I’m back with synopses of 3 more of the top 11 family friendly boardwalks! For the first 5 locations, visit here.

6. Kemah Boardwalk, TX

Situated near Galveston, Texas, is the Kemah Boardwalk, where the “Fun Never Stops!” It is the nearest entertainment park to the Houston area, and has lots of attractions. The rides range from the “Double-Decker Carousel” for kids to the “Inverter” and “Boardwalk Bullet” for more advanced riders. It is also has a variety of restaurants; one in particular is the “Aquarium: An Underwater Dining Adventure.” It’s unique in that it combines a visit to the aquarium with a visit to a restaurant. Its dining room includes a floor to ceiling tank full of a variety of fish to view while eating.

Inside “The Aquarium Restaurant”

7. Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach is a well-known vacation spot…  and it can get quite crowded in the busy summer months. Luckily, with 35 miles of beach there is plenty of room for everyone. And it’s an awesome place where teens and parents can both have fun. After spending time on the beach, you can jog, bike, rollerblade, or pedal a beach buggy along the boardwalk. And, Atlantic Avenue between 17th & 25th Street is known as “Beach Street USA,” where summer music concerts are held through out the year for various audiences. Also, be sure to check out the 34-foot statue of Neptune at 31st street (it’s in the image below, if you can spot it!). And if it’s raining? Don’t worry — there are plenty of indoor activities worth looking into.

Part of the “100 Miles of Lights” throughout Virginia.

8. Mission Beach — Pacific Boardwalk, CA

Who wouldn’t want to go to the beach in California?? Well, at Mission Beach in San Diego you can go beyond that. Besides taking a dip in the blue waters, Pacific Boardwalk provides the closest thing in California to East Coast boardwalks like Coney Island. And Belmont Amusement Park is only a few miles away. However, I have heard that it can get busy on the weekends and that there aren’t many cheap eating places in the area, so you might want to pack a picnic.

The last three boardwalks can be found in Part 3.




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