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Greetings from France!

- Ann-Margaret


The first stop on my journey through Europe was Paris. After an overnight flight from the U.S., we arrived at 9 a.m. and certainly had a full day.  Our day started off with a little confusion since we had to haul our luggage from the airport to the airport using Paris’s subway system, the Metro.

Imagine going across the city not knowing how to use the Metro and having 50lb luggage each?  That was quite an experience!  Once we found the hotel we went to a cute outdoor café and finally had some lunch and then went off on our sightseeing adventure.

First off was Notre Dame.  I was shocked by all the fine detail work, from little things such as a person’s face or the wrinkles on the clothes.  No wonder why it took 200 years to build!

Next we went to Sainte-Chapelle.  It was a holy chapel at the royal palace.  It was absolutely beautiful.  There is stained glass all throughout the chapel.  The stained glass was so colorful and elaborate.

You should definitely go and check out Sainte-Chapelle along with Notre Dame if you’re ever in Paris.

Until next time…Au Revoir!




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