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France’s Hidden Treasure

- Ann-Margaret

France is known for some wonderful places, but little do people know there are some great places that aren’t on the tourist maps.  While driving through France on our way towards Switzerland, we came across a town called Annecy.

Annecy is such a cute town and there is something there for everyone.  First of all it is right on the Lake of Annecy. The lake’s water is so turquoise and crystal clear, it’s unbelievable!

Even though it is in France, Annecy is close to the border of Switzerland so you see Swiss flags around the town.

It has a nice city area, along with a laid back medieval area. The lake runs through the medieval section, which is where are the old architecture and buildings are restored. They are lots of stores and cafes here too.

I liked the fact that Annecy is not a tourist area, but instead it is nice and peaceful — just like a regular town.  Annecy is such a cute little town and is probably one of my favorite places in France now.  You really should check it out — you’ll be glad you did!




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