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Four Belizian Foods You Don’t Want To Miss

- Hannah

Hello travelers! My name is Hannah and I’m delighted to be Teen Travel Talk’s newest travel blogger! I’m an American but homeless by choice; my family has been traveling full time for over three years now.

  • We rode our bicycles from London, UK to Tunisia, in North Africa, and back.
  • We took a 10,000 mile road trip through Central America.
  • Most recently we spent six months living in the highlands of Guatemala; Lago de Atitlan is my second home.
  • Next, we’re heading to Asia with backpacks!

You can learn more about me and my crazy nomadic life with three brothers at The Edventure Project.

Since I love to cook and eat my way around the world, I thought I’d start by introducing you to some of the unique foods of one of my favorite Central American countries.

Belize. A beautiful country filled to the brim with wonderful foods. Bordered by reef filled oceans stocked with all sorts of brightly colored fish and seafood that simply melts in your mouth as well as land abounding with tropical fruits and vegetables. Having spent parts of the past two winters in Belize, I have found four delicious foods that this country does best.

Coconut Rice

Coconuts are abundant on the coast of Belize, so naturally the Belizian people use them in everything. Rice, as I’ve discovered, tastes amazing when cooked with a generous amount of coconut milk and shaved coconut. It’s almost good enough to be a dessert! (Hint: you can try this at home!)

Stewed Chicken

Mmmm… Coming in to dinner after a long day of SCUBA, hiking or sunbathing to find a delicious pot of stewed chicken and rice simmering on the stove is an amazing feeling! The spicy tender chicken falls apart in your mouth and will leave you feeling warm and rejuvenated! Stewed chicken with beans and rice is Belize’s national dish. Want to taste it at home? Here’s a great recipe.

Beans, Beans, Beans!

Belizians are famous for their delicious beans. Because they’re cheap they’ve been cooked in more ways than you can count! Baked, stewed, pureed, poured on plantains, with chicken, or potatoes, the possibilities seem endless. If you’re going to make the stewed chicken, these are the beans to go with it!


What? Isn’t that a pretty pink shell? Why would anyone want to eat that? The conch meat inside of it, although pink and white and rather slimy, is delicious cooked, stewed, fried as fritters or as ceviche; otherwise known as raw. It has a slight crunch to it and a coconut flavor before it’s cooked. This is a traditional Belizian delicacy, I didn’t like it very much.

I’ve really enjoyed  Belizian foods. Both spicy and sweet, tangy and incredible, full of the scrumptious tropical flavor of Belize! If you can’t visit soon, take a kitchen field trip at home!

What are your favorite foods from your travels?




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