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Become a Beach Bum

- Caroline

Living miles away from Lake Erie I’ve grown up a bit of a ‘beach bum’.  With my years spent on the beach I’d like to think I’m expert – or at least I’ve gotten sunburn too many times, lost a number of sand toys, and had sand in uncomfortable places! Either way, here I am to share some beach friendly tips so you can enjoy the sand, sunshine, and shore for yourself!

Pack (and wear) sunscreen. I know tans are so in right now, and the thought of sun NOT working its magic on your skin is unheard of. But there’s nothing worse than the sun going down and your shoulders and back tightened up from too much sun and everyone makes lobster jokes.  I’d possibly suggest going tanning before any beach trips so you already look great and can protect your skin from an uncomfortable burn. Remember the sun is just baking the beaches, there’s no shade to hide and even on a cloudy day the rays will get to you. Throw the bottle of sunscreen in your beach bag.

Entertainment: I like to pack headphones, iPod, magazine, softball and frisbee.  My iPod and headphones allow me to listen to MY music (radios are nice if everyone enjoys the same tunes).  The softball and frisbee are fun to toss around when you’re done laying and want to run around.  If the sand is too hot on your feet, try playing frisbee at the very shallow water shore.  Plus you can always make friend by inviting others to join you in a friendly frisbee toss.

Hydrate yourself. Even if you’re just going to ‘check out the beach for a little bit’ you can easily lose track of time and spend hours on the sand. Maybe you got caught up in a heated frisbee toss and working on your toss technique. Whatever you end up doing, you will be thirsty and lake/ocean water is not where you should quench your thirst! Easiest thing is to pack a water bottle. Most beaches I’ve been to have drinking fountains near the entrance so you can refill as often as you want. Snacks are always a good idea too, especially something easy to carry and eat like popcorn or pretzels. You’ll want to avoid snacks that can melt in the heat and get messy like chocolate or fruit snacks.

Most of all have fun! Sit back, relax, enjoy the sight and sounds of the water and sand and forget that any other form of work exists!




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