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The Bliss of a Bed and Breakfast

- Caroline

Taking a weekend get-away trip is a wonderful way to relax, hang out and forget things like work, school or cleaning your room. This past weekend I went to a bed and breakfast in Port Clinton, Ohio – right along Lake Erie.

Being my first bed and breakfast experience, I was not 100% sure what to expect. I am not used to the direct hospitality of hosts. Booking the trip over the phone, I spoke to the same woman who I would pay and be served breakfast from. This sure was different than the typical run-around that some of the larger hotel chains have.

Once I arrived I felt welcomed and at ease. The view of the lake and ease of access (so I could cool off in the summer heat) was amazing. The entire weekend was a charming get-away surrounded by crisp lake air and a view from my bedroom window of Lake Erie.

Other points of interest during my stay was Put-in-Bay Island that required a Jet Express trip, Downtown Sandusky with shops and dining, and Cheesehaven home of 125 different cheeses. All were in driving distance (few miles away) and easy to get to. I ended my day adventures back at the cottage while watching the sunset.




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