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Three Things To Do On Wolfe Island

- Hannah

Wolfe Island, the largest of the 1000 Islands, in Ontario, Canada, is definitely one of my favorite places to hang out. Although it’s small, there’s tons to do whether you’re staying for a weekend, a week, or even a month! Check out some of these awesome activities while you’re there!

Catch Some Wind!

Most summers there is a sailing class in either July or August. I’ve gone for three years and absolutely love it.  The feeling of the sails propelling the boat and on a good day pushing us till we fly through the water at incredible speeds, whooping through the howl of the wind till we lose our voices is a ton of fun. The teachers are awesome and at the end of an intense week you are a certified sailor, plus you’ve had an amazing time!

Check Out The Local Art And History

Wolfe Island recently instituted a museum that contains many old farming and household life artifacts from the 1900’s that have been donated by the residents of Wolfe Island. It’s very interesting for a short visit, but if you’re looking for a way to kill time for an hour or two I would have to suggest an additional trip to the art gallery. With a beautiful collection of paintings from all of the many brilliant artists of Wolfe Island, including my grandma, it’s well worth a visit.

Go For A Scenic Ride

Bring a bike and spend a couple of hours exploring the many nooks and crannies of Wolfe Island. It’s mostly flat so it makes for a great ride, especially if you have the wind at your back. On the way you will likely see many fields and some forest. The island is also home to more cows than people and will often moo gently as you ride swiftly (or not) past. If you listen closely you may hear the swooping sound of the windmills as they catch the wind and generate organic power.




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