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Annual Vacations at Cedar Point

- Caroline

After reading my sister and dad’s view on our yearly Cedar Point yearly vacations, I wanted to chime in. As both mentioned the park is filled with fun things to do, see, ride and entertain you for the entire day. However, the reason that our family has stayed at the resort year after year extends beyond the park itself.

Location. Being on Lake Erie beach makes you feel like you’re ages away from home! (rather than 40 some miles, making it an easy drive) The park is on a peninsula so there is water surrounding not only the park but all the hotels and pools. The view is as breathtaking on top of the Magnum XL 200 roller coaster as it is in person laying on the sand.

Outside park adventures. You really need a week to experience the entire Cedar Point resort area. The park is the obvious attraction, but there’s a ton of other stuff to do as well! Go-karting, putt putting, restaurants along the beach front, tennis court, pools, hot tubs, jet skiing and wind surfing can occupy your day. Our favorite is the jet skis. It’s the best way to splash along Lake Erie with the coolest view of the park.

Soak City. The water park that is the sister of Cedar Point, and just as adventurous. So much to do with 2 lazy rivers, beach volley ball, wave pool, kiddie pools for youngsters, adult hot tub and swim up bar and (of course) countless water slides. The name of the park holds true, it’s the best spot to be on any hot summer day.

The best part of staying at Cedar Point resort is that you can enjoy all of the fun things to do at your own pace and for days on end! We jump around from water park, to beach to hotel pool to roller coasters because they’re all within walking distance of one another. Family members can split up, do their own thing, and meet back up at the hotel and not have to worry about carpooling. Makes it fun for the whole family, clearly, because it keeps us all happy enough to go back yearly 😉




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