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Indiana Beach Amusement Resort

- Cathleen

The summer time is perfect for an adventurous road trip, the final destination; Indiana Beach amusement resort. I live in Ohio so the drive to our neighbor state was about 300 miles, ultimately a six hour drive. My dad and I had some time off from our work so we decided it was time to take a little road trip to the Amusement my dad had read about online. It’s called Indiana Beach in Monticello, Indiana.

The park is set up pretty interesting; you have to cross a giant bridge before you get into the actual park. Then, as soon as you enter the park you can either hop on an old fashioned sky ride to the middle of the park, or you can walk down a hill and start your journey along the boardwalk. It’s right along Lake Shafer so you get a beautiful view of the lake wherever you are in the park.

As you walk through the park they have a Ferris wheel, some smaller spin rides and a flying rope ride right over the water making it look like you’re going to fly right into the lake! Then, you pass the first roller coaster, called Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain. For this ride, you sit in an enclosed car with a total of four people, two by two facing each other. As the coaster takes off down the hill and through tunnels the car spins so riders could be going forward, sideways, and even backwards. It’s a very unique ride and the theme was cool.

They also have two good wooden rides, the Hoosier Hurricane and the Cornball Express. The Cornball Express was also rated the number one wooden roller coaster ride in the world in 2002. Once my dad saw that rating, it was the main selling point for us, but we never thought the park would be as interesting as this. The park also had a couple other cool rides and even a shooting game, but the most interesting ride in the whole park was by far the Steel Hawg. It’s a unique ride that takes you up 100 feet and drops you down an amazing 111ᵒ drop! There is even a part during the ride where you are literally riding upside down. It was scary as your car flew along the track so smooth and yet so scary, I think I screamed the whole time.

Also, not only do they have a nice selection of roller coasters, they have a decent sized water park as well. The water park includes six slides, a lazy river, a pool area with sand, a splash zone for kids to soak everyone around them, and even a water roller coaster! It was a perfect way for my dad and I to cool off before hitting some more rides.

And new to 2011 at Indiana Beach is adventure point. It’s a new section to the park but it has extreme activities including a rock climbing wall, zip line, and a ropes course. If you think you can handle the challenge then that’s the part of the park for you. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with Indiana Beach. I think it should be hyped up more than it is, it doesn’t look like it would be much, but the rides are thrilling, the water park is awesome, and there is definitely something for everyone of all ages to do. I would recommend this park to everyone because there is so much to do there I believe that anyone in the family, no matter what age, would have a good time.




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