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Waldameer Park & Water World

- Cathleen

The other day my neighbor was talking to my Dad about this cute little amusement / water park he had went to the weekend prior. So of course my dad didn’t want to just hear about it, he had to experience it for himself!

The place is called Waldameer Park & Waterworld, in Erie, Pennsylvania. As we arrived we thought we would hit their water park section first. They have 16 different water slides for all ages. From body slides that go straight down to tube slides, this waterpark had something fun for everyone.

If you don’t feel like going down a thrilling water slide, you can always just relax and float around the lazy river that surrounds the park. They also have a giant heated pool where guests can sit and soak up the sun. After we got out of our bathing suits we decided to go back into the amusement park section and get on some rides. They have adventurous rides including XScream which takes you up 140 feet and drops you down, in addition to some spinning rides, and a very interesting ride called the Mega Vortex.

The Mega Vortex is basically just a rotating disc on which guests sit facing out and spin around while going back and forth on a half-pipe track. Then, as we walked over to a ride that looked like just a little roller coaster we noticed that it was no ordinary ride. The first thing I noticed about the Steel Dragon were the seats. Guests sit in pairs of two, back to back, so it’s four people to car. As it heads up the hill it all starts off normal, but then as it flies down the track the car itself starts spinning! So riders are going forwards, backwards, and sideways! It was so much fun!

Next, we went over the ride Ravine Flyer II. It was the new and improved version of the original ride the Ravine Flyer. Taking you up 120 feet, you fly along this track going as fast as 60 mph.

It was such a good ride, there were tunnels and bridges you didn’t know where you were headed next. After my Dad and I got off the ride we both agreed that it was one of favorite wooden rides we’ve ever been on. It wasn’t as rough like most wooden rides are. As we were walking off the ride we noticed all of the signs saying that it was even voted “Best New Ride” in 2008. And on their website it says that it’s ranked the number 6th best wooden coaster in the world. I’m not surprised at all because my Dad and I were definitely both impressed with the ride.

As we headed home my Dad and I were pleasantly surprised with the whole park in itself. We never even had heard about it a week ago and it turned out having some really cool rides. Waldameer also had live shows and areas to picnic. It was such an interesting park that I’m happy we got the chance to go there for a day. The park is as good as some of the big name ones but it doesn’t get as much attention as some of the others. I think a lot of families would enjoy this park.




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