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4 Teen Survival Strategies For Family Camping

- Hannah

When on a long road trip or a camp out for a weekend, most teens have some issues that cause their weekend to become long, tedious and boring. I’ve found a few easy fixes to these problems in order to make your vacation more fun for the entire family!

Problem: “I’m Bored!”

Solution: Live The Adventure!

With all the cool outdoor activities surrounding you, I’m sure you can find something entertaining and fun! Try hiking, rock climbing, sports or swimming for a start, and then look around for more. If you’re not into physical activities, try reading a great book or beading. Find a friend and make some friendship bracelets.

Problem: Crazy Siblings Attack

Solution: Surprise Them!

When I’m on a long camping trip with my three wild monkey brothers I always bring a bag of tricks. It connects the whole family and I’ve found it’s always better to have your siblings as allies, not enemies! Pack a bag with board games, jump ropes, plastic toys or whatever your younger family members are interested in.

Problem: No Internet.

Solution: Live “IRL”

When you have friends, family and the great outdoors, who needs internet connection! Try living “IRL” for a while and see how it goes. Also, almost every campground or hotel has their own internet connection, so you probably won’t be stranded.

Problem: No Friends

Solution: Make Some!

Everywhere you go there are people to meet and to befriend, whether their age is 9 months or 99 years. Don’t narrow your sights to kids your age alone, meet the world, get to know people and have some fun! Good luck, travelers!




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