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Wonderful Massachussetts Campgrounds: Canoe River Campground

- Hannah

If you’re looking for a great place to spend a weekend or your whole summer, may I suggest Canoe River Campground. A scenic location in Mansfield, MA, I have spent three of my summers here while my parents prepare for our annual winter migration to various foreign countries.

Want To Swim?

While in the campground, you can enjoy late-night campfires, a 10 ft deep pool, as well as a kiddie pool for the younger vacationers. The pool opens at eleven in the morning and will not close until ten at night, allowing you to spend the entire day if you wish. The pool is outdoors and is not warmed, but is usually the perfect temperature for people of all ages. For kids, check out the awesome playground.


After a quick swim, you may be in need of a quick snack. If so, feel free to visit the open air snack bar, which provides lunch, beverages such as soda, coffee and tea, as well as cold refreshments. My favorite is the blue raspberry slushie!

Is That All?

If the pool and the snack bar fail to entertain you, check out the calendar to see what activities are on the agenda for the day. Almost every day there is either bingo, candy bar bingo (bingo, but the winnings are candy. Bring a candy bar to get a card), arts and crafts, and depending on the weekend, parades, talent shows, or movies by the pool.

The camping facilities are clean and well kept. There is internet at a small cost, and electricity and water are provided to each site. The people are friendly, there is dog-sitting and laundry service at site Maple 10. Whatever your need, it’s sure to be filled adequately at Canoe River Campground.

No matter the age, every member of  your family is sure to have a blast!




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