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Sandcastle waterpark, PA

- Cathleen

Last week we had a hot August day and my friend and I decided to go to one of our favorite water parks in Pittsburgh, PA called Sandcastle. It’s not too far of a drive for us from the Cleveland area. We couldn’t stand the heat anymore, so he headed out for a day of fun.

The one thing I’ve always thought was cool about Sandcastle was that it’s basically right in the city. One guest even quoted on their website “Wow! I don’t believe I’m still in the city.” From the moment you walk into the park, in has a great atmosphere including big cabanas for families to rent out for the whole day. The first thing we decided to cool off on was the lazy river. It was a nice calm stream that went for about a quarter mile.

Next, we went on my favorite water slide ever: it’s a simple wavy slide, but then you shoot out of the slide and drop down 7 feet into a deep pool of water. The free fall is so exhilarating and actually pretty scary at first! It was so much fun.

There are so many cool water slides at Sandcastle. There’s one where you go down a bunch of little slopes and land into “sky ponds.” It’s like going down an actual raging river. It was so much fun to watch my friend wipe out each time she got to the end of the slide.

After we went on all of the slides Sandcastle has to offer, we headed over to the wave pool and enjoyed splashing through all of the waves. Sandcastle also has a regular swimming pool if guests can’t handle all of the crazy waves, and a kiddie area for little children to gently splash around in.

Overall this was a great get-a-way day of fun. It’s great for families big or small.




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