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Minute Man National Park

- Hannah

Located in Concord, MA, the Minute Man National Historical Park is definitely a wonderful place to take a family. Although it’s $5 for adults, children 16 and under are free of charge. Long dirt paths wind through beautiful forests and fields dotted by spectacular flowers on the way to some of the main attractions the park offers, such as Hartwell Tavern. My family and friends spent most of our visit there learning about the extraordinary history of the tavern and its inhabitants.

Hartwell Tavern is a partially restored 18th century home which saw the Revolutionary War go by and fade into the past. In fact, part of the war was fought on its very doorsteps. It  was here that the first non-official battle was fought between the rebels and the British in  the spring of April 19, 1775. The fight took place along “Battle Road”, directly in front of the Tavern. The family who owned the building fought as rebels right in their own front yard!

While checking out Hartwell Tavern, be sure to see the firing of a musket replica. A full explanation of the workings of the gun and the commands used in war times for loading and firing, as well as details on the town militia and minute men will be provided by a volunteer in authentic attire.

During your visit you can also walk to other sites along Battle Road, such as The Wayside: Home Of Authors, a home during the 19th century to three families of writers. It was here that Louisa May Alcott wrote her first published work. Harriet Lothrop, under the name “Margaret Sidney” wrote the “Five Little Peppers” in this building as well. If you have any literary interests, definitely check out this site!

If these sights fail to attract you, try the North Bridge. With a lovely view of the surrounding country-side, it is also the site of the famous Minute Man statue by Daniel Chester French.

There are many places you could go to see in Concord; but if you’re looking for a fun historical site that is educational and informative for both young and old, may I suggest you visit Minute Man National Historical Park.




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