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Road Trip Essentials!

- Emily

While travelling in a car – whether for a few hours or a few days – one can get very bored, very quickly.  I love to read in the car, but after a few hours, I get really carsick and start to wish I’d brought something else to do. 

Here’s a list of things (gradually compiled over 14 years of long, boring car rides) to keep close at hand on road trips:

  • BOOKS – Even if you don’t like reading, bring one anyway. When you’re REALLY bored, you could even finish up your summer reading :).
  • MAGAZINES – Save a few of your monthly subscriptions to read in the car – Seventeen and Entertainment Weekly are my guilty pleasures!
  • IPOD – Sure, there’s the radio, but in areas where you don’t know which are the good stations or there’s tons of static, these can be helpful.
  • PILLOW & BLANKET – These help combat early mornings and freezing A/C.
  • CAMERA – Take pictures of your siblings or amazing scenery!
  • MAP – When the GPS fails, always keep a backup :).  Also, here’s a fun game you can play: find where you are on the map and where your destination is, and figure out the easiest way to get there.  See if your directions match your GPS or Google Maps.
  • A NOTEBOOK & PEN – Try keeping a travel journal (I did one during a trip to Disney a few years ago and I love re-reading it!), a game of hangman with a sibling, or doodling to your heart’s content.
  • WATER AND SNACKS – You never know when you’ll be hungry or thirsty.
  • PORTABLE DVD PLAYER – For shorter car trips, one movie might cover your entire ride.

What’s YOUR road trip essential?

My brother this summer... if you don't follow the advice in this article, you might end up like him!




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