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Narragansett Beach, RI

- Hannah

The Wind…

Cool salty wind whips back your hair and seagulls wheel, screaming above you. Small crabs skitter over the rocks and the ocean crashes on the beach. The seashore…a place of wonders both small and large; a place to reflect silently, or to run and play raucously. At some point, everyone desires to see the ocean, to grasp how large it really is, and to play in its surf.

My family and friends recently got a bad case of oceanitis and absolutely had to go relax on the beach for a day. Narragansett beach is where we decided to go. After packing a rather large picnic and boogie boards, as well as an assortment of various beach toys, we finally loaded into the vans and took off on a two hour drive to the coast.

The Surf…

The salty air was the first sign that we had arrived. We loaded out of the car and lugged our pile of beach gear through the sand until we found the spot that Dad proclaimed “perfect.” Then, with a whoop of joy and screams of laughter we ran and threw ourselves headfirst into the cold ocean water, exalting in the glory of the salty feel of it on our skin.

The Sand…

We swam and played in the sand for hours. Then the other girls and I decided to walk out along the pile of rocks that extend way out and around the bay. Near to the rocks we discovered heaping piles of rotting red seaweed that had been washed up by the tide. The smell was horrific and wading through it to get to the rocks was quite the ordeal. I think the beach could have been better without the rotting weeds, but it certainly added an element of adventure.

The Tidepools…

Once onto the rocks, the smell diminished and we began to search for interesting creatures in the tidepools. We found quite a few little fish, a weird kind of seaweed that glows bright electric blue when you touch it, and three starfish that we brought back and played with for the rest of the day.

Evening came around and we had to leave. After one last look at the horizon rising over the ocean, we bid it farewell and drove back home; a tired, happy crowd.

The Perfect Equation

I would recommend Narragansett beach to anyone who, like myself, gets oceanitis and just has to go. It has clean facilities, and the red weeds are only by the rocks. There are lifeguards posted at all times and there is first aid available to all. At present time, there is reconstruction of the snack bar and bathrooms, so the only bathrooms available are porta-potties. Enjoy your day at the ocean!




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