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Tikal: Realm Of The Past

- Hannah

If you ever happen to be near the border between Mexico and Guatemala, there is a major must-see attraction to be found. If you are into Mayans, ruins, or artifacts of any sort, you should definitely go.


Tikal is the largest exavated Mayan site in both North America and South America. It is located directly on the Guatemalan border (it’s in Guatemala). It took the University of Pennsylvania 13 years to uncover the 10 square miles available for public hiking and exploration. It was discovered by a common gum collector or chiclero named Ambrosio Tut.

You can hike for hours enjoying the ancient and mysterious beauty of the tall stone ruins that rise above the jungle canopy. The jungle itself features beautiful plants, flowers, trees and animals. My family and I especially enjoyed the amazing assortment of wildlife in the park.

Check Out The Wildlife!

The park is a wildlife sanctuary known for the rarely seen jaguars that hunt within its boundaries. But more common are the agouti, howler monkeys, as well as a variety of beautiful tropical birds. Macaws and parrots are the most commonly seen, but there are also turkeys and many other types. Out of all the mammals we saw, I liked the coatimundi the best. They’re so cute!

Lights Please?!

The camping there is cheap and very good, however there is no lighting in the bathrooms, so bring a flashlight. There are places to hang hammocks as well. If you stay over-night and get up early, you may be in time to witness the sun as it rises over the 1000 year old Mayan pyramids.

No matter what the age or day, visiting any pyramid is an adventure; but for me, Tikal was the best ruin I’ve ever visited thus far.




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