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- Luisa (TTT) has reached a milestone: It’s founding bloggers are all leaving for college this week. They include: Hye Sung, Justine, Alex, Ginny, Callie, Elise, and Elaine.

Elise was the courageous blogger to post TTT’s first article on June 22, 2009. Since then, this group — along with many other gifted teen writers — has posted close to 450 articles in two years! That’s a new article practically every other day.  

Without this core group of original teen bloggers, would never have gotten off the ground. TTT’s founder, Luisa Frey, will forever be indebted to these original bloggers for their willingness to take the leap into unchartered terrority with the launch of TTT. As many of you know, TTT is the only travel blog written by teens for their peers and parents.  

Some of the highlights of the articles written by this group include: Justine’s summer long blogging live from France and her many useful articles providing family travel tips; Hye Sung’s tales of shoping in the subways of Asia and his social media expertise; Alex’s countless stories about her family’s annual trips to Cape Cod; Ginny’s many articles on her adventures in Spain; Callie’s amusing series about her family’s trip to Barbados for a wedding; Elaine’s entertaining musings about visiting her relative’s pig farm in France; and Elise’s article about her trip to England — the first TTT article ever posted.

While TTT is thrilled to have welcomed many new bloggers recently to fill in the big shoes left by the above founding bloggers, it hopes that perhaps these founding bloggers will not be strangers to TTT.  Maybe we’ll hear from them again next summer or when they do their junior year abroad in college.

TTT will forever be grateful to these traveling, blogging, outstanding young adults. They are a model to what teenagers can accomplish when they are given a platform to excel. 

Godspeed on your new journey.  And most of all…Happy Trails!




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