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Splash Lagoon

- Cathleen

So you don’t want to get burned from being in the sun all day, but want to have fun on water slides and in swimming pools?

Well then you need to pack your bags and head off to Erie, Pennsylvania. There you will find yourself at a huge indoor waterpark called Splash Lagoon. There is so much to do at Splash Lagoon; I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll start off with my favorite water slide, called the Hurricane Hole. It’s a body slide that shoots you into a giant bowl type slide with no limits. You literally feel like you’re spinning around in a giant toilet bowl until you fall down the center hole and into a pool filled with water. It’s so exhilarating as you fly around and around never knowing when you’re going to drop! It’s not your average body slide, but it’s something that you have to try once.

They also have this slide in a “tube version” so in case you’re too scared to conquer the slide alone, you can go with a friend and in a tube.

Filled with over six awesome slides, this indoor water park also is equipped with a “Tiki tree house”, where you can try to dump water on other guests; a lazy river; a pool where you can play water basketball; a hot tub; and an area for kids to splash around themselves. I love how one of the tube slides ends up where you can choose to get out and go again or just jump right into the flow of the lazy river. And not only can you shoot guests with water in the Tiki tree house, but if you hear the horn signal going off you better hide because 1000 gallons of water is about to fall from the sky!

With all of this water action going on it’s hard to pick what to do next, but Splash Lagoon has activities to do even if you want to stay dry. They have an arcade, a lazer tag game, and even a ropes course. New to Splash Lagoon is the “Tree tops ropes course” high above the water park guests can strap up and try to work their way through different challenges of balance and integrity. It looked too scary for me, but like a lot of fun.

As if Splash Lagoon didn’t have enough to do, they are even working on a new attraction opening this September. It’s going to be a 200,000 gallon water filled wave pool. It looks like it’s going to be ginormous! So if you ever find yourself being too hot from the sun or too cold from the snow, Splash Lagoon is the place for you. Take the whole family and stay for a day, or a week, they have hotels so you can stay for as long as you’d like.

For another great indoor water park adventure check out The Cape Codder!




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