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The Highropes at Kletterwald Pottenstein

- William


“Kletterwald” is German for “Climbing forest,” and Pottenstein is the town it’s in. Highropes is where you move through a course in the air, wearing a harness attached to a steel cable, so you don’t fall off while traversing various obstacles. This was the first Highropes course I’ve been to and I really enjoyed the experience.

At Kletterwald Pottenstein, each course is assigned a name and falls under a color category. For instance, the courses like ‘Koala’ and ‘Panda’ are in the blue category, the easiest. Courses like these are designed for younger children and remain only a couple feet off the ground.

Ones such as the ‘Lemur’ are slightly higher, in the Blue/Green category. The ‘Chimpanzee’ and the ‘Orangutan’ are in the Red category, which can take place fifteen to twenty five feet up.

The ‘Gorilla’ is the only Black level course, and it is thirty-three feet up in some places!
Obstacles include wobbling bridges, planks that swing precariously, swinging across gorges, climbing nets, zip lines, and even using a snowboard in the air, among many other things to cross.

The Orangutan and the Gorilla even have bonus sections of track that go thirty feet over a road!

Before beginning, you will be instructed by the employees on a tiny test track how to: use your zip line to fly over long areas of open space; make sure one of your two karabiners is always connected to the safety cable; get over different kinds of obstacles, and so on. No one is allowed to perform a course alone; you must always have a partner to help you if you get stuck.

Kletterwald Pottenstein is not the only Kletterwald. There are many such courses all over Germany, including one near the famous tourist destination, Rothenberg ob der Tauber. This was a great experience for my friends and me, and I encourage anyone traveling in Germany to make time for this fun and exciting activity!




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