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Rafting for the Newbies

- Caroline

After reading about an exciting rafting trip in the Grand Canyon (a place on my bucket list) I was curious enough to research white water rafting. I’ve discovered five best white water rafting destinations outlined below.

5. Chattooga River in Georgia

Many people head south to enjoy the beauty of the Chattooga River and East Tennesse Mountain view.

4. Penobscot River in Maine

One of the few locations in the East that is surrounded by white water rafters, the river is known for its drops and huge waves. Sounds like a roller coaster, which is something I’m familiar with!

3. Arkansas River, Colorado

A mixture between the season’s winter and summer are blended at this location. The view of snowcaps of the mountain melting for rafters to enjoy while drifting down the rapid river.

2. Glacier National Park in Montana

This is a good spot for new-comers to start as the Montana Raft Company schedules the trips for rafters. It is suggested to arrange a half day to three days rafting, getting the full experience in!

1. Colorado River (see picture above)

Again, I’m hearing about the Colorado River… now I’m jealous! There are two areas of the river good for rafting; In Arizona near Grand Canyon and in Colorado through the Moab desert. With over 60 rapids to choose from, it’s great for any new comer to check out. I know I want to book a trip soon!




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