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Austin Lake Campground

- Hannah

The Mama Bus Camp For Their First Time

The Mama Bus recently had their first trying day yet. After a long car ride in which one of the mamas had a migraine and one of the little girls was screaming because of molars, we were all exhausted and out of sorts. Then, when we arrived at the house where we were supposed to be staying, our would-be hosts had no recollection of inviting us and turned us away. Our solution? Stay at Austin Lake Campground!

This place is a little piece of heaven in a large patch of the complete opposite. Located deep in the forest and surrounded by small towns, Austin Lake Campground is a wonderful place to relax.

Swimming at Night = Awesome!

The best part of our visit was our nighttime swim! The cool night air plays upon my face while I float in the bathtub warm water. The moonlight dances across the waves to the sound of the crickets playing the campers to sleep.

We decide to jump off of the 25 foot tower that stands on the edge of the lake. There’s no way to get there without swimming, so don’t plan to use the jump as a first plunge! I jumped off the highest level on my first leap. Soaring out into the dark night sky to land in the gleaming black water beneath was totally awesome!

What else is there?

Swimming isn’t the only way to amuse yourself while there. There is waterskiing, go-carts, tubing, and multiple playgrounds, which I would rate as five star. They also have a huge slide to go down on plastic mats. Can anyone say awesome!!!

Now the MamaBus is driving through Indiana towards the Indy 500 track!




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