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Woodloch Pines Resort, PA

- EmilyH

My name is Emily, I am 13 years old and I live in northern New Jersey. This summer, my family and I traveled two hours to Pennsylvania and stayed at Woodloch Pines Resort. This is one of my favorite places because there is so much to do!  Woodloch Pines is referred to as a “cruise ship on land”.

Even though we only stayed for 4 days, we did a ton of things. They have knock out basketball games, Name That Tune competitions, bingo, scavenger hunts, and Minute to Win It contests. Every night entertainment was provided that varied from magic, horse races (my dad’s favorite), and rock bands. They also have a beautiful lake where you could enjoy water skiing, kayaking, paddle boats, fishing and swimming.  I took the picture below from a boat tour of the lake we took. 

Some of my favorite activities to do at this broad resort are bumper boats (bathing suits are highly recommended as you can spray one another ), a big rock-climbing wall (serious muscles are required if you want to ring the bell), and even a shooting barn with the choice of shooting a real 22 rifle or paintballs (if you want to shoot those aliens, you better have good aim)!  They have go karts, bumper cars, batting cages and basketball and tennis courts. It is very easy to stay busy!

Lastly, the food at this resort was fantastic!  They have food that ranges  from  spicy scallops and salmon for dinner, to egg frittata and pancakes for breakfast.  Pack some nice clothes for dinner because people get dressed up.  You are waited on by the kindest staff and they do their best to try and get the food out as quickly as possible so you are not stuck waiting for 30 minutes for an appetizer!

The entire staff is probably the nicest and most enthusiastic I have ever experienced on vacation.  They make your stay enjoyable.

All in all, this was an exciting and fulfilling vacation. It is a big place so take the first few hours to walk around and locate the activities. (It will also help in the scavenger hunt).   I would recommend this vacation to anyone who likes to stay active and open to trying different activities. Since this resort is considered a multi-generational vacation destination, it is the perfect setting for a family gathering or reunion. Kids can be adults and adults can be kids.

To find out more about Woodloch Pines you can visit their website at  You should visit the website before you go for helpful hints and clues on the various activities.




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