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The Whole Enchilada

- Caroline

The craze with Chipotle can step aside because The Worlds Largest Enchilada is coming to Las Cruces, New Mexico! The Whole Enchilada is a weekend long celebration of Southern New Mexico’s traditions, people and food. As the 3rd largest event in New Mexico, there are a few reasons that make this a whole-enchil-LOTta fun:

Fire in the Hole Participant (who dare) can enter the red hot enchilada eating competition. Four pounds of red hot enchiladas from Roberto’s Mexican Restaurant will be served. Tasty.

Worlds Largest Enchilada
Chefs will spend 2 and a half hours making the more than 250 pound enchilada. Consisting of the following yummy ingredients:
• 750 lbs. of stone ground corn to make the masa tortillas
• 175 gallons of vegetable oil, heated to cook the tortillas
• 75 gallons of red chile sauce
• 175 lbs. of grated cheese
• 50 lbs. chopped onions

  • Parade to kick off the 31st annual event
  • Free Karaoke stage
  • Carnival rides
  • Horseshoe Tournament
  • Food! Enchiladas! And More Food!

All for $4  Sept  23 to Sept. 25, 2011
For more information check out the website:




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