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The Mama Bus Goes To Yellowstone

- Hannah

Guess Where We Are!

The Mama Bus last stopped in the lush and amazing Yellowstone National Park. This is the most amazing National Park we have yet seen! The variety in scenery is incredible throughout the park. When we first entered we drove through forests and marshland. However, as we drove through again later, we discovered sulfur pits and rocky cliffs. All of it was beautiful.

Old Faithful

One of the most famous park attractions we saw was the well-known geyser: Old Faithful. Old Faithful is one of the most visited natural sites in the U.S. We arrived just in time to visit the excellent tourist facility minutes before the geyser shot hundreds of gallons of boiling water into the air.

What Causes It?

Yellowstone is perched directly on top of what experts call “The Yellowstone Hotspot”. This hotspot is a chamber of magma deep in the earths crust. As the continental plate shifts, the hotspot will stay in its place, only moving an inch a year. Over many years (not exactly sure how many is disputed, but it’s a lot!) the hotspot has exploded in many places, moving across the state and forming mountains.

Now, as water is heated underground by the cooling magma, it rises through cracks in the earth. Eventually, deep under Old Faithful, it collects in a chamber, creating steam. The pressure begins to build, but the water and steam can’t get past a tight spot in the rock. Eventually the pressure has built up to where hundreds of gallons of water and clouds of steam are shot past the obstruction and spewed 30 feet into the air! People have gathered from all over the world to see this incredible sight, which occurs every 70 minutes.

We Saw…!

The Mama Bus saw some other amazing sights in Yellowstone as well. Click here to share the adventure!




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