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After Irene- Wildwood NJ

- EmilyH

During late August, my family and I went to Wildwood Crest, NJ for a few days with four other families. I was a little bit nervous because we went right after the wretched Hurricane Irene.  It was uncertain if the boardwalk, the beach or the restaurants would be open. Luckily, everything was open and in great shape!  You would have never known a hurricane recently hit this summer resort town.

After checking in to our beachfront hotel, we hit the beach. It was just perfect and surprisingly clean! The waves were normal size with no rocks or seaweed at all. The sand was patted down, soft, and very enjoyable to walk on because it was not hot. The beach itself was so long, level, and beautiful. It was the perfect opportunity to play Frisbee, paddle ball, soccer, football, or fly a kite. You could swim safely, boogie board, body surf, and even skim board in low tide which was amazing (after 5:30 P.M.). Even the bike shops were open to rent bikes and go for rides on the boardwalk until 11 A.M. It’s a fantastic way to start off your morning! The weather the entire time was perfect because there was a slight breeze, sunny and not humid. Every restaurant was open and there are so many options ranging from great pizza to delicious seafood.

Each night, everyone went to the boardwalk. It is always so much fun to do this with friends and family. We went on most of the rides, like the Sea Serpent and Nor’easter roller coasters, go karts, log flume, a gigantic swing and more. Some other great activities we did on the boardwalk were play mini-golf, eat lots of Kohr’s ice cream, play games in the arcade, and shop.

Even though Hurricane Irene visited Wildwood right before I did, it was a very enjoyable vacation. The weather was perfect and everything was up and running. I would definitely recommend vacationing here especially since it is only a 2 and ½ hour drive from New York City.




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